The Curious Case of Rosie

I am the sort of person who has a lot of ghost stories to tell. I have never lived in a house that has not had some sort of spirit presence. When I was a child it really, really scared me, but now I find it quite lovely. 

Every house has its own spirit within it, and these are not necessarily ghosts, but a spirit and energy that exists within a house. Often this is a beautiful welcoming presence. 

I can feel the energy of a house as soon as I walk into it, I can tell what rooms have stagnant or darker energy and need to be cleared and I have performed many house clearings, including for real estate agents selling a home that has been on the market for a while. Particularly when houses are empty of living souls their energy can become stagnant and need clearing.

Every now and then real ghost presence is clearly around. This has become quite normal for me, and to be honest it is probably me that attracts it, or notices it at least. I believe spirits are around us all the time. Some people are naturally more aware of them and become like beacons.

We recently sold our home of 10 yrs that we loved and felt so welcome in. The house definitely has a beautiful spirit, it is welcoming and warm and active, full of love and presence.

But I want to tell you a story about the curious case of Rosie.  

The house has a beautiful welcoming energy. This photo and feature photo taken by Anjie Blair.

First, I will go back a little to give you some background. When we bought the house, it welcomed us with its beautiful presence. It had a lot of quirks as you would expect from a 200 year old house. Despite it being fully rewired with state of the art modern electricals, we had an enormous amount of electrical disturbance over those years. This is very common with spirit presence and with psychic energy. Once you know this is a common side effect, these things don’t worry you, but your electrician is just about on speed dial.

When I say electrical disturbance, this would manifest as lights flicking and blowing, electricals suddenly not working, then working again, spa baths turning on in empty rooms in the night, that sort of thing. 

By about our 6th year living there I felt I had developed a really lovely connection to a former owner. I began seeing feathers everywhere and started collecting and drying wings, dead bees and butterflies and making little bell jar installations out of bones, nests, wings and pieces from the garden.

One of the former owners had been the taxidermist and curator at the local museum. I know his name, but we will just call him the taxidermist. We all felt he was very happy that I was channelling this direction. He knew I was aware of his spirit and we would often chat when he appeared in a painting at night time.

Well, I can see the face.

When it came time for us to move from the house and put it on the market, I spoke at length with my taxidermist and said he was more than welcome to come with us, as he had become part of the family. 

It is also very common for spirit presence and activity to become heightened around teenage girls, as was also the case during my childhood. One of my daughters and I would regularly see shadow people out of the corners of our eyes and we had a lot of little small black ghost cats. One of which rubbed against my leg one day. 

When we had the first round of photography done for the real estate agent, 14 light globes blew that day. My husband ended up walking around with a ladder and a big box of light globes replacing them one by one, room by room.

The spa bath began to turn on in the night with more frequency in one of the rooms that had been closed for a year. And the people shadows were becoming much more noticeable. Even my husband and my other daughter started to see them clearly. Once he was on the phone and thought I was standing next to him trying to hurry his call, he turned to wave me off but I wasn’t there, I was way down in my office. 

Not once did they worry me, they felt reassuring and comforting. 

After months and covid lockdown on the market, we changed agents, I cleared the house, I talked to my taxidermist before every viewing and said ‘if these viewers are in any way suitable, let them buy it’. We felt we had a commitment and responsibility to ensure the next custodian of the house would treat it well.

Months went by, and my husband said, 

‘you know it is like the house is just playing with us now.’

And that was like a lightbulb going off in my mind. It was not my taxidermist. It really seemed like a young person, a child, was trying to get attention.

My daughter had often spoken of seeing a young girl in her room, she saw her a lot. I did not. And I felt I needed to talk to this presence. I asked my daughter, have you ever seen a little girl in the house?

She replied ‘yeah, plenty of times..

I said ‘do you know her name?’ 

She replied ‘not sure, try Julie, Rosie or Samantha’

This is a normal conversation in our family, by the way.

So I sat down with a tarot deck to find out what her name was. I thought how can I confirm this? I chose the name Rosie first because I thought this would be the easiest one to confirm if a card appeared with roses on it. I chose a deck that had only one card in the entire deck with roses, so I knew if it came up it would be 100% confirmation.

I shuffled for ages, and I asked can you confirm that your name is Rosie, please show me? Then I drew one card.

Using the Light Seers tarot, I drew the only card in the deck with roses

And even though I work with the cards all the time, it took my breath away. Even though I know this works, having that one card out of 78 with the roses, landing on the table, was still astounding to see. I knew I was speaking directly to her and she had confirmed that her name was Rosie.

I continued shuffling and laying the cards and reading them visually as I had a conversation with her about what her situation was and she wanted to happen.


I had tears in my eyes as our conversation was such a clear story to me of ascension and rebirth and needing help to get there. There was no doubt in my mind that she was ready to transition and reincarnate and didn’t know how. She was stuck but wanted to be reborn.

I messaged a friend and relayed this, and she said to me ‘Why don’t you help her cross over?’

Now, I have lived with spirit around me all my life but never had it ever crossed my mind that I could help them cross over if they were stuck. I had no idea how to even do it. But I thought I can give it a go, it’s not going to cause any harm, at the very least it won’t work and at best it will work. 

Having confirmed that Rosie did indeed want to transition and be reincarnated I asked my guides to help her, show her how to cross and get to her soul group.

I set that intention, trusted in my higher self and meditated. During the meditation a very clear, strong visual of a female came up into my face and smiled at me, she was a little older than my daughter, older than the little girl who had died and could not cross. She had long auburn red hair and blue eyes. And she just smiled right at me. Then the vision faded and I fell asleep.

When I woke I threw the cards again to see if Rosie was still around. And she had gone. I knew she had gone, she had crossed over. We never felt her again, my daughter never saw her again. The house settled down without the presence of Rosie, and it sold about 6 weeks later.

She had been living with my daughter, growing up with her and now we were moving she was also ready to move on. Perhaps she knew this was possibly her last chance to cross before we moved? I had no idea it could be that easy. Maybe I will never be able to do it again. But it was a very beautiful experience for both of us.

Since we moved we still have the people shadows, my daughter has seen another person in the front seat of my car when I was in it alone and even as I was writing this blog, my husband came to tell me all three remotes to his roller door suddenly didn’t work. A few hours later they worked. I think spirit likes to let us know they are still around us.

And I’m fine with that.

8 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Rosie

  1. How beautiful Rebecca! I have experienced shadow people in the corner of my eyes and now and then I do see faces of people I don’t know just before going to sleep, but I haven’t gotten any further than those experiences.
    It must be so “enriching” to experience the actual connection with spirits. I’m not affraid either, not anymore. As a child I used to be, as a child I was scared of what was “following” me, like for in example wintertime, when it got dark earlier in the evening and longer in the morning. As we lived a little bit outside of the village one was more often alone in the street (which lead to open field and had a dead end as well).
    I just love reading stories like these 🙂 so please do keep sharing your experiences 🙂
    Sending you lots of love, Rita

    1. Thank you Rita, I can totally relate to those experiences. We had one house where the ghost was really scary when I was a child. Maybe that’s for another blog. xx

  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences with such clarity and warmth, I was quite captured with this story of Rosie and your beautiful home. X

  3. Fabulous. I too, often see shadows of people who are not there. I’ve never seen a ghost though, both my daughters have however. Lucky them. My youngest had two “imaginary friends” s as people like to call them when she was quite young. We were in the supermarket one day and she suddenly burst into tears because a lady had stepped on one of them. We had to leave them in the car as I explained that not everyone could see them. My eldest lives with a little girl in the old bluestone cottages in Corin Street. She was friendly too. It’s such a huge world to explore, especially when you are still learning about the one you currently inhabit🌸

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