Aquarian Temperance Silk Blend Scarf


Large square silk blend scarf

1400 x 1400 mm

54″ x 54″


Very large tarot scarf of wearable art. 1400 x 1400 mm square silk/modal blend scarf. Art deco inspired artwork and featuring the stunning Temperance card from the Aquarian tarot. Slightly translucent, large enough to wear as a wrap, cape or scarf.

Temperance focuses on moderation, no extremes, because they aren’t necessary.  It also derives from the latin term temperate which means to mix and combine, and when we think of this in an alchemical sense it means to dissolve and bind to create something new. Combining all parts of the self to a new whole. The personality and the outer world flow naturally rather than being compartmentalised and fractured.

All tarot card artwork on this site is ethically reproduced with licensed permissions.


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