Keeping a Dream Journal

Profound insights are offered to us through our dreams and I absolutely recommend keeping a dream journal.

How to do it

Once you wake, before you are fully coherent and starting your day, recall and journal the main points of your dreams. I find if you try to remember the small details you are likely to forget the dream. Start with the main themes and the small details will come as you write.

The Benefits of Keeping a Dream Journal:

📖 Once you start a consistent dream journalling practice you will find that you will remember your dreams more often and in deeper detail.

💡Our dreams offer deep insights and lines of communication between levels of consciousness and we can use them to understand how symbols convey messages to us. I begin with a Jungian basis to interpret my dreams. But creating your own personal dictionary of your own dream symbols can be empowering.

🔮Your dream journal will also track and record any dreams that are prophetic. I have had many prophetic dreams, in fact I would say I get most of my prophetic information in the liminal space between waking and sleeping. This is one of the reasons I try not to have an alarm wake me.

✨The more you work with your dream journal the more you will be able to control lucid dreaming. A lucid dream is where you have awareness that you are dreaming within your dream and you are able to control your dream and your actions within it. This can be a very amazing experience. And yes I often choose to fly, of course.

As you begin to gain more control and the ability to direct your dreams you can set intention to ask yourself to provide specific answers and insights in your dreams, use your dreams to connect to the archetypes of the major arcana, or for divination purposes.

Have fun and join the My Inner Witch inner circle private group on Facebook and post any interesting dreams you have for discussion!

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