How to Scry using a Crystal Ball

Scrying is the art of accessing subconscious information with clairvoyance using a reflective surface, such as a crystal ball, the surface of water, a black mirror or similar.

In our day to day lives there is an editing process, a veil or censoring, between our conscious mind and our subconscious mind. If there wasn’t no-one would be able to function because we would become completely overwhelmed with unlimited information and visuals.

When we set dedicated time aside to focus on something like scrying, we are allowing our psyche to connect with the subconscious and expand our awareness. As with any method of divination you may have an intention of what you are seeking an answer to. Or you may use scrying like a meditation and just see what comes and document it.

If you are using a crystal ball, try to position the ball where there is no obvious reflection, in a dimmed room with the soft lighting of a candle is ideal. Place the crystal ball on a dark non reflective surface, like black velvet. When you look into the ball you want to see a vast expanse not reflections of yourself, your room and your candle.

Seat yourself comfortably where you can look into the ball in a relaxed state.

The trick now is to empty your mind, and with our busy lives these days this can be difficult. A regular meditation practice will help make it easier to reach this state as you practice more.

As you gaze into the crystal ball you want to use a soft focus. You might find that this is really relaxing. This is the best state to be in to do this, because it is a light trance state. Maintain a clear and empty mind and wait for images to appear, don’t force an image or overthink, but just wait for an image to emerge. This may appear for you a bit like a dream image. Don’t be discouraged if you do not see images on your first try. Keep practicing. Sometimes my eyes go into the focus that you would be using when you look at those “Magic Eye” images, where it looks like there is nothing then it suddenly an image will come into focus.

I use this technique with a crystal ball, mirrors, with oracle cards, clouds and trees. I personally don’t use water surfaces, only because strangely that freaks me out. Other people use water quite happily.

When you are not using your crystal ball, keep it covered or away from direct sunlight. Is this because it is a portal to other dimensions across time space, you ask? No, it is because if the sun hits your crystal ball directly it can start a fire and burn your house down. Safety first.

Happy Scrying!

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