Divining with a Pendulum

Using a pendulum for divination or dowsing is called Radiesthesia and it has a prominent place in my family. My grandmother loved her pendulum, it was her divination tool of choice. To be entirely correct she actually used a key on a piece of cord which is called Cleidomancy, it was simply referred to as ‘The Key’ and everytime we visited her she would go and get the key to answer all our questions. 

Pendulum work is incredibly versatile and is one of the easiest methods to learn and master. In my opinion, pendulums are one of the best tools for Yes/No answers, but they are much more powerful tools than that.

They can be used for healing, to shift energy, to locate items, for divination and many more uses. I use my pendulum every morning. It is one of my favourite tools to work with. You can buy one of my crystal pendulums here.

Energy, Frequency and Vibration
Absolutely everything is energy and has a vibration and frequency. Just because we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean we can’t use it and work with it. Just like wifi, we can’t see it, but it is undoubtedly there and useful. The more dense an object is, the slower it is vibrating, like a rock for example versus a light wave or auric fields.

Our bodies also have tiny micro movements, that can be used to access our subconscious minds to answer questions. We are using the pendulum as a tool to amplify very subtle energetic fields and minor subconscious muscle activity. The uses for your pendulum are endless, from divination to dowsing, to healing and shifting energy. My grandmother even used to take her pendulum to the supermarket to choose which fruits and vegetables to buy.

Many people have a story where a ring on a cord has been used to predict the gender of an unborn baby. The pendulum can uncover a huge amount of information through the use of the right questions and number, alphabet, percentage charts, maps and so on. 

Holding your Pendulum
To use your pendulum, try to have a position where your legs are uncrossed and feet flat on the floor. You will want to have your muscles loose enough for small movements and energy to flow freely through your body, but not so loose that you will drop the pendulum or influence it with your breathing. I like to have the arm that is holding the pendulum tucked into my side to stabilise my arm and deter any excess movement. Watch the 5 minute video on Pendulum basics to get started using a pendulum. You don’t need a fancy pendulum to start, anything that is evenly weighted on a piece of string will work. I have even used a wet teabag in the past! Of course the better made your pendulum is, the more streamlined it will be, with more chance of clear and direct movements.

Program your Pendulums Movements
Program your pendulums movements by setting your intention for the way in which you want it to move in order to indicate the answer. You are in control of your tools, intention is everything. Watch the video below to see how to program your pendulum movements.

Asking the Questions
I simply talk to my pendulum. I hold it over my left palm and ask it what I want to know as a yes/no question. I will also ask it to remove anything I don’t want and open avenues for what I do want to attract. I always add the phrase ‘for my highest good’ at the end of the request, just in case it is not actually in my best interests in the bigger picture. Or you can work with charts and dowsing and have your pendulum point towards the correct answer.

Here is a quick video on getting started with your pendulum.

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