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My Inner Witch is a contemporary gallery that combines art, jewellery and fashion with tarot and cartomancy – celebrating mystical and esoteric inspired offerings in wearable art, small artworks and tarot and lenormand readings. The concept of My Inner Witch is to embody the energy of the tarot, celebrate esoteric symbols and the healing power of crystal within wearable art and objects as portals for focus, meditation and a source of personal empowerment.

I am a designer and fine artist with a background in sculpture and graphic design. I love foraging and collecting small curiosities, wonders of nature, pattern and texture, and creating artworks for the setting of intention.

Reading is both an art and a science. Anyone can learn the science behind reading cards, and everyone has intuitive and psychic abilities. Like anything, the more they are exercised the stronger they become. This is the art of reading. My strengths are in spiritual insight, life direction and business focused readings, to give you an empowering road map for conscious life choices and day to day decisions.


Associated Memberships

Registered Member Tarot Association
Member World Divination Association
Arkartia Founder Member



Professional Development/Certifications/Accreditations

  • Tarot Certificate – Tarot Association
  • Opening of the Key – Benebell Wen
  • Tarot Navigator – Tarot Association
  • 4 day workshop with Marcus Katz – Tarot Association
  • Tarot Diploma – Tarot Association
  • Tarot Readings with Neuro Linguistic Programming – Tarot Association
  • Tarot Time Traveller Course – Tarot Association
  • Tarot de Marseilles – World Divination Association
  • Tarosophy Professional Development Program – Tarot Association
  • Giving a Truly Empowering Reading – Tarot Academy
  • Psychic Tarot – Tarot Academy
  • Past Life Exploration with Tarot – Tarot Academy
  • Divination – Tarot Academy
  • Tarot and Numerology – Tarot Academy
  • Tarot, Occultism and Modern Witchcraft – Benebell Wen
  • Tarot for Navigating Growth and Change – Tarot Academy
  • Tarot and the Four Pillars – Benebell Wen
  • Tarosophy Lenormand Course – Tarot Association
  • Lenormand Master Class – Rana George, Donnaleigh De La Rose, Mary Greer, Bjorn Meuris
  • Petit Lenormand and Advanced Petit Lenormand – Mary Greer
  • Petit Lenormand – World Divination Association
  • Lenormand Levels 1 – 3 Grand Tableau Expert – World Divination Association
  • Lenormand Game of Hope – The Card Geek
  • Astrology – Benebell Wen
  • Horary Astrology – World Divination Association
  • Clavis Astrology Course – Lyn Birkbek
  • Kipper Cards Levels 1 – 3 Grand Tableau – World Divination Association
  • Gypsy Cards – World Divination Association
  • Petit Etteilla– World Divination Association
  • Reading Oracle Decks – Tarot Association
  • Pendulum Dousing and Pendulum Healing – The Card Geek
  • Symbol Healing – The Card Geek



“Rebecca is proficient to a high standard and blew us away with her ability to read a single reading using all 78 cards in a line! I would recommend her readings as insightful, powerful and brilliantly delivered.” — marcus katz, author Tarosophy  

“What an amazing reading, it will help me try to let go of a huge disappointment I’ve had in my life.” — christine

“accurate and straight to the point” — brenae

“WOW! I never expected such a thorough reading. Thank you so so much!” — jenni

“Your reading approach was much like a storytelling….taking me from past to present….offering insight, clarity, awareness. Thank You” — rhonda

“I would like to thank you for your accurate reading. There are so many bold facts in your reading!!” — margo

“You were spot on … Thank you for such a lovely reading. Very inspiring.” — shauntai

“Thank you for doing my reading! I am blown away by how much it resonates with me. BLOWN. AH. WAY. Seriously” — anabelle



Reading FAQ’S

How does Tarot work?
Tarot cards are thought to have originated in Italy circa 1455. They consist of 78 cards – 22 major cards, 16 court cards and 40 minor cards. Each card has correspondences with the elements (fire, water, air, earth), astrology, psychology (think Carl Jung and Myer Briggs personality test), numerology and kabbalistic mysticism. In essence the tarot provides a complete map of where we are in the microcosm and macrocosm at any one time in our life. As a reader I understand these meanings and correspondences but I also connect intuitively to the symbolism in the cards to divine the unique meaning that is specific to you and your question, sometimes that will be hearing song lyrics, a phrase or seeing new symbols I haven’t noticed before in the cards. Giving you an empowering road map for conscious life choices and day to day decisions.

What if I don’t like what I hear?
The tarot will provide a reflection of your current life situation and a projection of where your energy is heading. A reading can empower you to make informed decisions and best courses of action for a particular outcome. Time space is a much more fluid concept than we might realise. Our futures are not set in stone. We have the ability to change or enhance any outcome based on our knowledge. Avoid asking questions that you don’t want answers to.

Are there any questions that tarot can’t answer?
If I feel I can’t connect with you or answer your question I will refund your payment and refer you to another reader. I reserve the right to refuse to read certain questions, which is outlined in my code of ethics. Sometimes a question may need to be slightly re-worded to get the best answer, particularly with Lenormand cards, if this is the case we will collaborate to get the right question for the best result.

What if my reading doesn’t resonate with me?
If you already knew everything in your tarot reading, it would be a reading soley about the present and the past. Your reading will uncover a visionary projection that may take time to manifest in your life. It may take months for some aspects of your reading to become clear. If, however nothing at all in your reading resonates with you, then we will work together to resolve the issue.

How do I book a reading?
On the Readings page, click on your preferred reading, you will be able to pay via Paypal or credit card on our secure site. I will email you to discuss your question prior to doing the reading. You will receive your reading within approximately 7 days via email as a pdf file.